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Company Profiles


A company profile may be one of the most important parts of any developing business. The company profile allows you to advertise details of your services, goals, and experience to potential customers, and is responsible for creating a good first impression on interested parties.


A company profile can be posted on social networking websites or in printed business directories to help give potential clients a better idea of the kind of company you run; thus, a company profile can be an important form of advertisement. While the format for company profiles may vary, you'll want to ensure that you offer all relevant information potential vlients may need.

Corporate Identity


​Corporate identity is often seen as a collection of visual elements, which are used in various applications to promote the image of an organisation. Originally, it was synonymous with organisational nomenclature, logos, the housestyle and visual elements, but in time visual identity and corporate strategy have become inextricably linked.


Some marketing specialists regard corporate identity as the core of an organsation's existence, made up of its history, beliefs, philosophy, technology, people, its ethical and cultural values and strategies. Corporate identity also helps determine the positioning of an organisation in terms of its markets and competitors.


Shop Branding


Store Branding: How a store becomes an unmistakable brand The most important advertising tool for every retailer is his own store. A large store as well as a small shop must be unmistakable to the customers.


That’s why store design can not be left to chance. New stores can set a new course, while renovations are often more difficult. More and more the store is staged like a brand.


We worked hand in hand with Select PPE to create a customized store front and interior to their highly detailed specifications.

Vehicle Branding


A company vehicle can often easily be transformed from a single purpose operational means-to-an-end into an effective marketing tool to support your corporate image.


All it takes is a little vehicle branding. Graphics or decals can be added to your vehicles to create and strengthen awareness of your company brands, business strategies and services.


Whether your vehicles feature a simple logo or a full-coverage “billboard”-style wrap advertisement, they can promote a moving, dynamic, high-impact advertising strategy that can turn heads, increase brand recognition and grow business.